Portishead Marina

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Welcome to the Portishead Marina home page, where you will find all sorts of information and past history. about the old lock at Portishead and its activities. If you get lost click on the navigation bar below to return to the home page, At Portishead we have an interesting new development taking place at the old Portishead Lock. The surrounding land that used to be the Portishead Power Station has now become a select housing development and the adjacent dock that used to be a thriving port A thriving Marina.

This web site will be used to record the dock as it was in days gone by and show the new development as the work proceeds to turn that part of Porthishead from a centre of industry into a leisure park

View from the parish wharf about 1995 the yacht is GREENJACKET a Twister built at UPHAMS 1966

this was a view from the Parish Wharf taken just before the demolition of the last two remaining chimneys

Uphams Twister.Green Jacket

by Kim Holman